Research Team

Ph.D. Students

  • Bhukya Ramadevi (2020 - Now) Main

Project Title: Forecasting of Chaos Using Fractional-order Neural Network with Application to Renewable Energy

Master Students

Final Year Project Supervision

  • Megha S Job, Muskan Gupta, and Bhateja Priyanka (2022) Completed

Project Title: Fractional-Order Rectified Linear Unit Activation Functions and Its Variants

  • Rhea Mantri, Kaushik Ram Selvaraj, and Jhanavi Chaudhary (2022) Completed

Project Title: Smart Grid Stability Prediction Model Using Neural Networks to Handle Missing Inputs

Internships and Exchange Students

  • Nehul Desai (2022) Completed

Project Title: Smart Agri Solutions, Industrial Internship at "Agrimations, India"